Are you tired of drawing on your eyebrows each day?
...frustrated with eyeliner always running and smudging?
How many times a day do you have to re-apply your lipstick?
Want to wake up looking great without having to put on make-up?

Then Permanent Make-Up is your answer to getting that fabulous Wash 'n Wear Face!

Permanent Make-Up is the art of depositing small, and precisely placed, molecules of pigment directly into the basal layer of the skin.
Permanent Make-Up is not intended as a substitute for topical make-up but as a base by providing permanent definition and color which can be further enhanced according to your own preference.
All applications are customized with long lasting results!
Because micropigmentation is a form of tattooing and is semi-invasive, proper sterilization procedures and personal protection equipment and clothing are necessary. I observe all of the precautions necessary to ensure your safety.


When you are contemplating a micropigmentation procedure, you should demand the best available equipment – equipment that meets the highest safety standards and that will cause the least amount of pain and trauma to your skin.
I use the Nouveau Contour Intelligent machine (Medical Edition), internationally recognized as the most sophisticated micropigmentation device available.
The Intelligent’s central processing unit consistently calculates the optimal needle frequency (speed) and depth needed to achieve maximum pigment implantation and retention, whatever the skin type or structure. Additionally, The Intelligent has more power than any other rotary device.
The result is cleaner, more predictable results than those obtained from traditional rotary machines – and significantly less pain during the procedure.
Manual permanent makeup it is a fine, delicate hair technique, which allows to inject the pigment into the upper layers of the skin. This procedure is done using a special manual eyebrow tattoo pen (not a machine). Unlike the regular permanent makeup the pigment does not blush or turns blue. This procedure is absolutely painless.
Manual eyebrow permanent makeup is a distinctive technique, which helps your eyebrows to look natural compared to other methods of tattooing. Your eyebrows have gentle, textured and natural look. The manual eyebrow tattoo pen equipped with a sterile disposable needles, without any vibrations on skin or unpleasant sound of the pen.
The point of manual permanent makeup:
• Natural look – individual work with every single client by simulating natural eyebrows hair
• Thickness – all lines have the same thickness as human eyebrows hair by using the thinnest needles located at the certain angle
• Volume – every single hair looks volumetric as layers injected with pigments of different colors
• Restoration – the full absence or if you have some gaps or scares
• Long-lasting effect – result lasts for a period of 1.5 to 3 years.
Combining manual (Manual Eyebrow Tattoo Pen) and machine (Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine) techniques we can achieve 3D effect.
I am committed to client safety and uses BioTouch pigments which are formulated with Iron Oxides which are known to be safe for cosmetic use, colorants, and micropigmentation to the face and body.
These pigments have more of these particles in every drop, they absorb into the skin much more effectively. The result is less fading, and truer color.
BioTouch pigments also have a different texture and quality. They do not dry out like most. The microfine particles used, along with Ethanol, allows the pigment to dry slower, and keeps the mixuture smooth, as the technician works with it.


Professionally shaped brows can instantly give you a more youthful, “rested” appearance!
Beautiful and expertly shaped brows, customized in conjunction with your bone structure, provide an uplifting and refreshed appearance to the entire eye area.
Cosmetic dermatologists use Botox and other injectible fillers to achieve similar, but temporary, results. Permanent Make-Up will enhance your expression naturally for years to come!
Brows too light or too sparse? Permanent Make-Up can allow you to have the brows you want eliminating the need for costly eyebrow enhancement kits and saving time in your daily routine!

Eyebrows (hair,feathering, 3D techniques) pair:

  • Eyebrows Full - $400
  • Eyebrows Partial (e.g. - tails, spots,scars...) - $100 & up


Mis-shapen, undefined, colorless, shrinking lips? Lipstick bleeding?
Permanent Make-Up can address these concerns.
With soft definition and either a natural color or a flattering color of your choice you lips will once again be the beautiful, full lips of your youth.

Lips (any colour):

  • Lip Liner only - $300
  • Full Lips (including liner) - $400


Permanent Make-Up does away with messy smudging and smearing of pencils and liquid liners
.. not to mention the stress of trying to achieve perfect application.
Subtle or dramatic - customized permanent eyeliner will accentuate your eye color and shape and beautify your eyes by providing depth, definition, color and the illusion of fuller lashes.

Eyeliner (upper and lower)

  • Eyelash definition (dot thickening) - $200
  • Eyeliner - $400
  • Upper only Eyeliner - $300
  • Lower only Eyeliner - $150